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Syrian food reflects this nations past that is chequered with invasions, migrations and trading that is reflected in the country’s varied food culture. Our executive chef Modar is from Damascus, famous for its street food and simplicity in its ingredients, our sous chef Fahmi is from Aleppo, known for its farmers markets and ‘the cuisine is known for its pepperiness because it was an old Spice Road hub: a crossroads where elaborate Ottoman dishes mixed with sweet and sour recipes brought by Chinese caravans, and the combination of meat and fruit beloved by the Persians. A famous Aleppan dish is kibbeh made with quince, cooked with fresh pomegranate juice.’ (Guardian)

Cold Meze

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Baba Ganoush

Chargrilled and smokey aubergine, tahini, pomegranate seeds, peppers.


Chickpea puree with tahini, finished with the juice of lime, cumin and paprika.

Labneh with Mint

A strained yoghurt cheese.

Makdus aburgine stuffed

Spicy Pickled Walnut and Green beans


Chargrilled aubergine, strained yoghurt, tahini, garlic and sumac.


Hot Meze

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Batata Harra

Wok fried potato, sweet pepper,  garlic and coriander.

Battered Cauliflower

Crispy fried cauliflower served with tahini sauce.

Chilli Prawns

Charcoal grilled prawns that are finishe with a tomato and garlic sauce.


A chickpea and leek mince seasoned with cracked pepper, garlic and sesame seed, served with tahini sauce.

Foul Moudamas

Red Beans, chopped tomatoes, garlic sauteed in olive oil and covered with our signature tahini sauce.

Grilled Halloumi

Served with tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber.

Humus Awarma

Chef's special Humus with pine nuts and crispy lamb.


Cracked wheat parcels filled with minced lamb and walnuts.

Spicy Chicken liver
Spicy Lamb Sausages

Delicious sausages sauteed with cherry tomatoes and garlic.


Damascus Street Food

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Minced lamb sandwiched in toasted pita bread.


Halloumi and olives toasted between artisan pita bread.

Toasted Chicken Shawarma

Served with chips and Salad.


From the Charcoal Grill

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Aleppo Mixed Grill

Lamb skewers, lamb kofta, shish tawook, chicken wings and chicken shawarma and salad.

Baby Chicken

A whole baby chicken butterflied and grilled with mixed spices and garlic sauce.

Grilled Seabass

Marinated whole fish served with a chilli sauce, nuts and a salad.

Lamb Cutlets

Chargrilled prime cuts of marinated lamb, a speciality of Damascus cuisine. Served with a salad.

Lamb Kofta

Minced lamb flavoured with Chefs signature combination of herbs, served with chips or rice.

Lamb Kofta Koshkash

Our popular charcoal grilled lamb kofta cooked in a chilli sauce and served with rice.

Shish Tawook

Marinated Chicken cubes garnished with onions and peppers, served with our triple cooked chips and salad.

Spicy Chicken Wings

These smoky Wings are finished with a touch of pomegranate molasse and garlic. Served with chips and salad.

Vegetarian Mixed Grill

Aubergine, sweet peppers, courgette, haloumi and potato seasoned with our chef’s signature herb blend. Served with either chips or bulgur wheat.


Vegetarian Large Plates

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French beans accented with a garlic and tomato sauce and served with rice or bulgur wheat.

Mnazalet Zahra

A classic Syrian dish, Zahra translates as flower, subtly marinated cauliflower sauteed with coriander and garlic and served with rice.


Aubergine and potato baked in the chef’s signature tomato sauce and served with rice.


Non – Vegetarian Large Plates

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Chicken and Olive Tagine

Served with vermicelli bulgur wheat.

Lamb and Fig Tagine

This slow cooked dish is served with vermicelli bulgur wheat.

Molokhia with Chicken

A classic Syrian dish of chicken cooked with green leaves and served with vermicelli bulger wheat.



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Lentil soup

Finished with strong lemon tones and served with fried crispy bread.


Side Dishes

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Basmati rice
Garlic and coriander bread
Syrian Bread
Vermicelli Bulgur wheat


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Syrian salad finished with deep fried pita bread and pomegranate sauce.


Finely chopped parsley. Tomato. Mint and onions accented with bulgur wheat and drizzled with lemon and our olive oil and herb dressing



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Assorted bakhlawa.

Riss balhalib

Rice pudding.



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A savory seasoned yoghurt drink flavoured with herb.

Fentimans curiosity cola
Fentimans ginger beer
sparkling elderflower presse
Spring water

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